Flexitallic Style RIR
Flexitallic Style RIR

Flexitallic Style RIR

Comprises a spiral-wound part with an inner ring. The inner ring acts as a compression stop. By filling the annular space between the bore of the flange and the inside diameter of the gasket, it reduces the effects of turbulence of the fluids and prevents premature flange erosion. PMUC certified.
  • Unrivalled elastic recovery thanks to its profile and its specific deep «V» winding.
  • A construction that can be adapted to your assemblies.
  • Can be used compressed to metal to metal contact.
  • Capable of providing tightness under the most severe conditions (500 Bar/1,000°C (*)). (*) Temperature and pressure not associated.
  • PMUC qualified (Products and Materials Usable in Power Stations) by EDF n°17-0159.

Maximum Service Temperature (*)

1000°C with specific filler and appropriate materials

Maximum Pressure (*)

> 500 Bars

(*) Temperatures and pressure not associated. Please consult with our engineering design department for high pressures and/or temperatures.

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