Supranite Packing 601
Supranite Packing 601

Supranite Packing 601

Made from high-density diagonal braiding of synthetic and silicate yarns with high mechanical resistance. Associated with a chemically inert lubricant impregnated.
  • SUPRANITE ® PACKING 601 is recommended for its high level of resistance against high pressure, speed and friction.
  • SUPRANITE ® PACKING 601 is used on most dynamic applications, in the presence of the most varied fluids (unclean water,…).

Maximum Service Temperature (*)


Maximum Pressure (*)

250 Bar

pH (**)

2 to 14

Maximum Speed

20 m/s

(*) Temperatures and pressure not associated. Please consult with our engineering design department for high pressures and/or temperatures.

(**) Except molten alkaline metals, fluor, fluorine gas or related products (contact us).

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